Building the Future!

More like building WITH our future!

Yesterday we stepped outside the office to attend the Clarksville Montgomery County School System’s Carpentry Contest. The 11th annual Construction Carpentry Contest invited schools from Montgomery County as well as surrounding counties. This years event was held at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center and did not disappoint! If you’ve been following us very long, you know that our local youth are very important to us here at Crabbe Homes. In several years past, we have worked with our vendors to help provide tool belts and supplies to deserving young men and women through our CMCSS shop programs. We love seeing our youth apply themselves and developing life long skills that can be used on the job after high school or college. Well done everyone!



Touring the Truss Plant

Last week we took a field trip! Our Project Engineer and Project Manager were able to join our partners with Kight on their millwork tour.

We visited their truss pant and mill shop. We were able to see just how things are run and all about the new, exciting things that will be coming soon. Having partners in homebuilding that you can depend on and continue to push toward new and innovative products is crucial in this business! Special thanks to our friends at Kight for having us out and showing us around! To our clients, we can’t wait to incorporate some of what we learned into the homes we provide for you.



75th NAHB International Builder Show

Last week our Project Engineer, Project Managers and John traveled to Las Vegas to attend the 75th Annual International Builder’s Show. This is what our Project Engineer, Anna, had to say of her adventures.

“I had the honor of attending the NAHB International Builders’ Show for the second year in a row. Last year I attended through the Young Professionals Scholarship Program, and had a wonderful time networking with other young professionals in building under the age of 35. I was lucky to be able to attend again this year, and was amazed at how much attendance had grown! The show reported the highest attendance in 10 years.

My favorite things from this year’s NAHB Builders’ Show were:

1. The classes- From presentations by Business Gurus to Discussions by successful builders, the classes are invaluable. 
2. The show floor- There are hundreds, if not thousands of vendors on the show floor. All the latest and greatest in technology, interior products, software, exterior products, etc. It is all there to check out. 
3. Networking- We met new builders who were just starting out and needed some advice. This really pulled at my heartstrings, because I knew what it was like to be a new Project Manager in residential construction. The fact that builders and PMs were coming up asking me for direction really validated the all the time we spend putting internal processes together. 
4. Technology- The NAHB put together an entire app just for the show. This helped me stay on top of class times, events, and provided me with maps for where I needed to be. They also upload class notes after a presentation is given in a class. No need to carry around paper and pencil. It was all in the app. 
5. Last but not least, watching John in a discussion panel as part of an education series. The man is so upfront and honest. I love that he can speak to a room and everyone in there is nodding their head in agreement with a point he is making, or giggling at an experience he shared. I’m lucky enough to know him on a personal level, but seeing him on stage answering questions and talking about his experiences, I just sit there and smile that I get to be a part of his team.” 

Step 1: Clean the house. Step 2: Watch the kids make a mess.

Show of hands from all the parents {human & fur!} trying to keep their homes in order and floors clean?! We are excited to tell you a little about one of our upgrade carpet options from Mohawk Flooring!

Our base carpet is a poly/P.E.T. fiber with a scotch guard application for stain resistance. Smart strand, however, has the benefits of all the positives of P.E.T. and nylon fibers plus it is the only fiber protected by Nanoloc spill and soil shield. What the heck does that mean? It means Smart stand repels dirt, dander, spills and stains before they reach the fiber, making it extraordinarily easy to clean. This means it can be cleaned with nothing more than cold water and a rag. While traditional poly carpet requires hot water extraction.

Smart strand is the only carpet on the market with a lifetime warranty that has NO exclusions. Example Red wine, pet urine, vomit, etc. If your smart strand carpet gets stained and the stain will not come out, Mohawk will pay to replace it and the labor to do so. Can’t beat that!

Interested in seeing it put to the test? Check out the demo video from Mohawk: here



Have you been Kondo’ed?

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo by now, you’ve been living under a rock — or at least a very large pile of things you should throw away. Kondo is a Japanese lifestyle celebrity known for helping people decrease clutter and straighten up their homes for good.

Looking to Kondo your home? Here are our favorite tips!

Does it spark Joy?

Marie Kondo believes the best way to chose whether or not to keep something is to hold each item in your hand and decide whether it sparks joy. If you do get an uplifting feeling when you hold it, it stays. Choosing items this way means that after you finish decluttering you will only be surrounded with items that make you happy, which is a great feeling.

Decanting Household Products

Something Marie Kondo talks a lot about in her book is how much “noise” branded products add to our space. Every single day when we open our computers, or get the mail, or step out into town we are subjected to a huge number of brands and ads. While it takes a little effort to rid of the labels on your soaps and body washes, the end result is well worth it and leaves all your spaces looking a lot more clean, elegant and less-cluttered.

Find a Better Fold

Marie Kondo’s method of folding clothes is a gamechanger. The idea is to fold your clothes into one long strip, fold this in half and then into thirds to create a small square that you can sit upright in your drawer. The result is a vertical fold and vertical stack. Not only can you fit a lot more items into one drawer, you can actually see what is in your drawer too so that you don’t need to waste time digging through everything.

Inventory What you Have

Dump everything you have in the room in one spot, it really puts everything you have in perspective. You can then go through and use the ‘sparks joy’ method and also realize that you probably don’t need to hold onto all of those extension cords or holey socks.

Everything has a Place

Another tip is to make sure that everything has a place. That means if something is left sitting out in your home, you can easily put it straight back where it belongs rather than fluffing it around and just chucking it away somewhere random.

Less Paper

We’re all guilty of opening bills and shoving them into a drawer. Credit card bill, expired electronic warranties, etc. You don’t need those. Since most paperwork is now accessible digitally, these sheets create useless clutter when they could be accessed online.




Design a Home for you, by you!

Many people think that a custom home is beyond their budget. The truth is building a home can be priced better than an existing home and be built exclusively around you. There’s no substitute for a home designed with selections made for you, by you. It all starts in our in-house showroom which is a one-stop shop for all the resources that will make your home visions a reality.

Does your family need open spaces and a setting to entertain? Or cozy rooms with natural light? We have endless floor plans to inspire you and your Project Manager will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.



Who doesn’t love a great backside?

It’s National Backwards day!

We are a sucker for a good #hashtagholiday around here and any reason to offer you some home tips in the cheesiest way possible. So without further ado, here are some simple key features you can add to boost your home’s backside, the backyard.

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LANDSCAPE: Possibly the best improvement for those looking at a cost to benefit ratio, doing a bit of landscaping. You would be amazed by what you can do yourself with a good pair of shears and a few trips down to the local nursery. Adding plants that provide the space with color and cleaning up old growth can work wonders on a yard that’s otherwise quite unimpressive. If your budget is larger, there’s no shame in hiring a professional!

LIGHTING: This doesn’t mean shining a spotlight on your backyard, but rather adding subtle lights that can help you get more out of your space when the lights go down. This kind of solution is usually fairly wallet friendly, but it can pay off in a similar way to landscaping your yard. A great option is to invest in solar lighting, which makes this even more budget conscious.

OUTDOOR ROOMS: By defining the space of your deck or patio, you are creating a feel like you’re expanding the footprint of your home. Decide how the space is most valuable to your family – outdoor cooking, outdoor living room, outdoor play area. Define your space and think of it as an extension of your home.

FENCING: This one is not as easy on the wallet, but truly does add overall appeal to your home. A fenced-in backyard feels more like an addition to a home, becoming a safe place for kids and animals to play while offering a bit of privacy. A good fence is a sign that your home can be a sanctuary away from a busy world, one in which even the neighbors cannot intrude.