Growth for our youth is Growth for the industry!

We told you recently how much we enjoy helping our local youth and we meant it! We especially love aiding our local schools in their STEM courses, shop classes and other vocational curriculum. This week we stopped by one of our local high schools to donate tools and supplies to their carpentry and shop classes. These nail guns are a small gesture with a very big and real impact. Our vocational programs – such as carpentry or welding classes, cosmetology classes or many of the other practical areas of study are often seen as second-rate options for students who don’t make the academic cut. These programs aren’t heavily funded for those students who feel called into this career path.

Why are we so passionate about growing the trade and vocational programs for our local kids? While pencils, paper and other supplies are needed – we wanted to think outside the box and take it a step further. The reality is that while the building industry has experienced steady and positive growth, there has been a steady decline in qualified candidates to fill open positions. This diminished supply of skilled tradesmen and construction workers will ultimately have a significant impact on the development and renovation of buildings that house critical infrastructure like laboratories, hospitals, schools, businesses and more. The lack of enough skilled workers and a narrow talent pipeline has added extra hurdles, time, and costs to many current projects.

We aren’t encouraging someone talk these kids out of going to college or pursuing academic skills by any means. However, we would love to see the perception change that vocational programs are second rate and that you can’t make a good living as a laborer. Our whole team feels very passionately about providing our youth with the right tools necessary to help them build a successful foundation for their future; be it climbing the corporate ladder or becoming a skilled tradesman. We are honored that one of our vendors, Stewart Lumber could join us in providing supplies to our local youth that will help them learn skills and trades that will help them secure a career for their future. We would also like to thank Northeast High School for allowing us to drop in and present these items to your students.





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