Step 1: Clean the house. Step 2: Watch the kids make a mess.

Show of hands from all the parents {human & fur!} trying to keep their homes in order and floors clean?! We are excited to tell you a little about one of our upgrade carpet options from Mohawk Flooring!

Our base carpet is a poly/P.E.T. fiber with a scotch guard application for stain resistance. Smart strand, however, has the benefits of all the positives of P.E.T. and nylon fibers plus it is the only fiber protected by Nanoloc spill and soil shield. What the heck does that mean? It means Smart stand repels dirt, dander, spills and stains before they reach the fiber, making it extraordinarily easy to clean. This means it can be cleaned with nothing more than cold water and a rag. While traditional poly carpet requires hot water extraction.

Smart strand is the only carpet on the market with a lifetime warranty that has NO exclusions. Example Red wine, pet urine, vomit, etc. If your smart strand carpet gets stained and the stain will not come out, Mohawk will pay to replace it and the labor to do so. Can’t beat that!

Interested in seeing it put to the test? Check out the demo video from Mohawk: here



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