Have you been Kondo’ed?

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo by now, you’ve been living under a rock — or at least a very large pile of things you should throw away. Kondo is a Japanese lifestyle celebrity known for helping people decrease clutter and straighten up their homes for good.

Looking to Kondo your home? Here are our favorite tips!

Does it spark Joy?

Marie Kondo believes the best way to chose whether or not to keep something is to hold each item in your hand and decide whether it sparks joy. If you do get an uplifting feeling when you hold it, it stays. Choosing items this way means that after you finish decluttering you will only be surrounded with items that make you happy, which is a great feeling.

Decanting Household Products

Something Marie Kondo talks a lot about in her book is how much “noise” branded products add to our space. Every single day when we open our computers, or get the mail, or step out into town we are subjected to a huge number of brands and ads. While it takes a little effort to rid of the labels on your soaps and body washes, the end result is well worth it and leaves all your spaces looking a lot more clean, elegant and less-cluttered.

Find a Better Fold

Marie Kondo’s method of folding clothes is a gamechanger. The idea is to fold your clothes into one long strip, fold this in half and then into thirds to create a small square that you can sit upright in your drawer. The result is a vertical fold and vertical stack. Not only can you fit a lot more items into one drawer, you can actually see what is in your drawer too so that you don’t need to waste time digging through everything.

Inventory What you Have

Dump everything you have in the room in one spot, it really puts everything you have in perspective. You can then go through and use the ‘sparks joy’ method and also realize that you probably don’t need to hold onto all of those extension cords or holey socks.

Everything has a Place

Another tip is to make sure that everything has a place. That means if something is left sitting out in your home, you can easily put it straight back where it belongs rather than fluffing it around and just chucking it away somewhere random.

Less Paper

We’re all guilty of opening bills and shoving them into a drawer. Credit card bill, expired electronic warranties, etc. You don’t need those. Since most paperwork is now accessible digitally, these sheets create useless clutter when they could be accessed online.




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