Who doesn’t love a great backside?

It’s National Backwards day!

We are a sucker for a good #hashtagholiday around here and any reason to offer you some home tips in the cheesiest way possible. So without further ado, here are some simple key features you can add to boost your home’s backside, the backyard.

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LANDSCAPE: Possibly the best improvement for those looking at a cost to benefit ratio, doing a bit of landscaping. You would be amazed by what you can do yourself with a good pair of shears and a few trips down to the local nursery. Adding plants that provide the space with color and cleaning up old growth can work wonders on a yard that’s otherwise quite unimpressive. If your budget is larger, there’s no shame in hiring a professional!

LIGHTING: This doesn’t mean shining a spotlight on your backyard, but rather adding subtle lights that can help you get more out of your space when the lights go down. This kind of solution is usually fairly wallet friendly, but it can pay off in a similar way to landscaping your yard. A great option is to invest in solar lighting, which makes this even more budget conscious.

OUTDOOR ROOMS: By defining the space of your deck or patio, you are creating a feel like you’re expanding the footprint of your home. Decide how the space is most valuable to your family – outdoor cooking, outdoor living room, outdoor play area. Define your space and think of it as an extension of your home.

FENCING: This one is not as easy on the wallet, but truly does add overall appeal to your home. A fenced-in backyard feels more like an addition to a home, becoming a safe place for kids and animals to play while offering a bit of privacy. A good fence is a sign that your home can be a sanctuary away from a busy world, one in which even the neighbors cannot intrude.




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