Why we do it…

Have you ever stopped and really considered why you’re in the business/industry/job you’re in? For us, it’s raving fans.

Crabbe Homes is a company that provides step by step care to those that are in the market for their first home, their move up home or their forever home. This is not only the idea behind our company but the passion for each employee who works with us. Our company is a family and each of us have a common personality trait, passion. We hire driven people who have a passion for helping others, to assist them in one of the largest, most lasting decisions of their lives, their home.

So at the end of the day, how do we know if we have succeeded? You. We look to you for smiling faces, happy families and raving fans.


“We have had such an amazing experience with Crabbe Homes! From the kind, easy going Project Manager to the beautifully constructed home, we would definitely recommend this builder to family and friends. They were flexible with move-in and closing dates, which was so appreciated since our family was on a quick deadline to move in and get settled. We’re looking forward to working with the Crabbe team throughout our experience in our home. Thank you!”  -Jennifer



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