Ready, Set, Decorate!


Decorating the interior of your home is more than just throwing together some furniture, fixing up some lights, and painting the walls in a neat shade of ivory. Today, with designing becoming an art form unto itself, each room in your house can be made to reflect a different mood or a different part of your life, your personality, or your interests. Interior designers are outdoing one another with each project they take up; but you can do a lot for yourself without hiring a specialist.

You may have wondered about giving a new twist to the rooms in your home; and if you’re interested in knowing more, here’s a few tips to tell you a little bit about picking a theme to decorate a single room, and about choosing the various aspects of a room, like the wallpaper, paint, lighting, and furniture to go with that theme.

The paint for your walls

When you’re thinking of a theme for a room, the walls are one of the most important aspects to focus on, because they literally make up most of the room. They are everywhere you look; they’re the canvas for your creativity. The key to using your walls well is to avoid using a lot of designs on the walls and instead, to keep it as simple and plain as possible, so you can emphasize the theme with other furnishing and props.

The wallpaper

The base color of your wallpaper needs to reflect the core color of the theme you’ve chosen. For instance, if you’re doing an ocean-themed room, the obvious choice would be a cool shade of blue. Or if you’re going for a desert, exotic theme, you could pick golden brown. Ultimately, wallpapers work best for simpler themes like a floral concept or a literary theme, because these are ideas that can be expressed through color and texture alone.


When it comes to lighting, you only have a few options. Think of this as an advantage, because you can make your decisions faster, and keep focused on one theme, instead of confusing the esthetic of the room. Warmer themes work best with some warm yellow lights. Conversely, cooler themes go hand-in-hand with cool white lighting. How you choose to place your lights (whether on the ceiling, or on the floors, or as uplighters on the walls) is another thing that the theme will influence.

The furniture and furnishings

This might be the most interesting part of putting together a themed room. Before you decide the furniture for your room, you need to consider all the details about the pieces, right from their material to what you will use them for, as well as appearance. And if you’re looking for some new furniture to fit in with an existing theme, you might want to look at some pieces that complement the theme you’ve chosen, or taking a different tack and using furniture that contrasts against the rest of your theme.

Ultimately, the thing to remember is that each element in your themed room needs to work together with the rest of the space. A couple of anomalies can actually work as creative choices though, as long as they don’t jar against the central concept. Have fun choosing – the creativity of making the theme is a huge part of the fun!

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