The process of choosing the selections and design for your new home is quite exciting but the choices at hand can also be overwhelming. There are lots of decisions to make that will have a lasting impact on you and your family. Here at Crabbe Homes we have many options to consider, with one to be a sure fit for your needs! Keep reading for our suggestions on making the best choice for your next home.


Make sure it measures up. You might have a certain square footage figure in mind as you look at homes. However, some floor plans are smartly designed and can make better use of the space. You might be able to live comfortably and spaciously in a home that’s slightly smaller than you expected. Don’t focus on the number, focus on the function and the flow. Speaking of…

Follow the flow. When you’re looking at a floor plan, imagine yourself walking through the home. Go from the laundry room to putting the clothes away. Is it convenient? Does the flow of the kitchen to the dining area feel right? Will the bedrooms afford privacy for family members and guests? When you’re coming in with an armload of groceries, will you have an easy path to the kitchen? All things to consider when looking at the overall layout of your home.

Level it out. How many levels will suit your lifestyle? Do you need a two-story home to accommodate everyone in your household, or is a single-level ranch more fitting? A single-level home certainly fits the household that doesn’t want to deal with stairs. You can also integrate a first-floor owner’s suite if you need more space but want to do most of your living on the first floor. Perhaps a Bonus Room above the garage is all the upstairs space you need.

Consider the wide, open spaces. Many modern floor plans now feature an open concept. It’s a popular layout because the lack of walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining area allow for more socializing between family and easy entertaining. The cook is no longer cut off from the activity outside the kitchen. As you look at the open floor plan in the home designs, think about how the rooms connect. It might be one big space—long, square, or rectangular—or an L-shape with the kitchen as the pivotal point. Do you prefer one style over the other? How will your furniture fit in the layout? With an open floor plan, you can create separate spaces, like a reading nook or study space. Envision how you will use the main living areas so you choose a floor plan that fits your  lifestyle.

Don’t underemphasize the functional places. Features like a mudroom and the design and placement of the laundry room might not seem as important in the big picture, but small details often spark a big change. The mudroom, for example, is a threshold that protects your home from the great outdoors and keeps the clutter under control, if you plan it that way. Cubbies or cabinets are a smart choice here. It is the perfect space to establish a system for organizing shoes, backpacks, sports equipment, leashes, etc.

Some homeowners prefer to have the laundry room closer to the master suite, while others want it near the kitchen. Which location do you prefer? Do you need more function for your laundry room, like storage or a utility sink?

Explore the undiscovered needs. As you browse the floor plans, think of alternative uses for rooms that might seem like a “bonus” right now. A formal dining room or living room could seem unneeded for your family but you consider repurposing it for a playroom, hobby studio, game room, or office space. A new feature in some of our Crabbe Homes floor plans is a main floor flex room which can serve as a guest room or home office, too.

Ask a lot of questions—of yourself and your builder—when reviewing home designs to be sure you’re choosing the right floor plan! We have lots to choose from and enjoy playing matchmaker with our clients and their new home design!


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