Why we do it…

Have you ever stopped and really considered why you’re in the business/industry/job you’re in? For us, it’s raving fans.

Crabbe Homes is a company that provides step by step care to those that are in the market for their first home, their move up home or their forever home. This is not only the idea behind our company but the passion for each employee who works with us. Our company is a family and each of us have a common personality trait, passion. We hire driven people who have a passion for helping others, to assist them in one of the largest, most lasting decisions of their lives, their home.

So at the end of the day, how do we know if we have succeeded? You. We look to you for smiling faces, happy families and raving fans.


“We have had such an amazing experience with Crabbe Homes! From the kind, easy going Project Manager to the beautifully constructed home, we would definitely recommend this builder to family and friends. They were flexible with move-in and closing dates, which was so appreciated since our family was on a quick deadline to move in and get settled. We’re looking forward to working with the Crabbe team throughout our experience in our home. Thank you!”  -Jennifer



Client Appreciation

We can’t say enough wonderful things about our Crabbe Homes clients! We are very excited to announce a “Meet & Mingle” happening this weekend at Beachaven Winery’s Jazz on the Lawn. If you are new to Clarksville, or just haven’t made it over there yet, Jazz on the Lawn is the longest running music event in the Clarksville area. This summer concert series offers free admission, local wines and live music. Music plays from 6:30-9:30pm.

As a way to say thank you for business, Crabbe Homes would like to invite our clients to mingle around a picnic table of snacks and goodies set up this Saturday, May 12th. We hope you will stop by and visit! Things to bring along: your friends and a blanket or lawn chair. Look for our silver balloons!


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Our other half…

Last week we showcased the ladies in our office and we felt it was only fair to give the guys their fair share in the spotlight. It certainly takes a village to pull off all the wonderful builds we have going at any given time. Here’s a little more about the second half of our ever growing village.


Follow yur dreams-2

John attended Austin Peay State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. In addition to building quality custom homes, John’s career has consisted of management and oversight of large commercial projects and multi-million dollar multi-family developments. John holds a Combined Residential, Commercial, Industrial Contractor’s License, as well as, an Electrical License. He and his wife Jennell have 3 children, two of them in college.


Follow yur dreams-8

Grayson attended Vanderbilt University where he obtained his Bachelors of Engineering in Civil Engineering Degree. In addition to building quality custom homes, Grayson’s career has consisted of Engineering design, management and oversight of commercial restaurants, residential home developments and multi-million dollar multi-family developments. Grayson holds a combined Residential, Commercial, Industrial Contractor’s License, as well as, a Professional Engineering License. He oversees most of our multi-family construction and daily operations. He and his wife Kristin are raising 4 year old twins.


Follow yur dreams-10

Mike attended the University of Illinois for a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In addition to managing the construction of quality homes, his career consists of Engineering Design, Project Management, and Quality Control of large scale commercial projects to include multi-family complexes. Michael holds a Professional Engineering License and has earned a Certified Master Builder (CGB) designation from the National Association of Home Builders. He and his wife Nicol have 3 children.



Follow yur dreams-6

Kevin holds many certifications which include universal HVAC, EPA, ASE, GM Certified to name a few. He also has experience in framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, tile, trim, rehabbing and more. Kevin’s career has consisted of telecommunications, sale, accounts management and many years as an auto technician for General Motors. He is presently the Warranty and Maintenance Technician for Crabbe Homes and Gwaltney Communities. Kevin is married and has one adult daughter.



Follow yur dreams-4

J.P. has a diverse 13 year background in the construction industry and over 10 years in sales. He started with a commercial / architectural lighting and design firm, where he worked in the design phase and specified the lighting layouts for large commercial projects such as schools, churches and office buildings. He is the superintendent for all homes under construction in the Bowling Green, KY market. J.P. has 4 kids, two boys and a pair of twin girls.


Getting to know us…

Did you know that over 50% of the team here at Crabbe Homes is in fact women?! Construction is one of the most male-dominated industries in the world. In total, only roughly 9% of employees in the United States construction industry are women. Recent case studies in the construction industry indicate that team performances are enhanced when women are involved in the workforce due to their ability to offer new or alternative perspectives to challenges in the workplace. Our office is proud to include 6 of the most innovative and talented women in the industry. Join us in taking a few moments to celebrate them. 


Hello-5Anna is a familiar face in our office as she has served in many roles and has found her calling as our Project Manager. She has a Bachelors degree in Business Management. Anna has over 13 years of experience in Customer Service and Office Management. Anna and her husband recently designed their own new home which they share with their two adorable children. Fun Fact about her: Anna can cross her toes as well as her fingers for good luck.



Hello-2Aubrey is our resident accountant. She attended Rutgers University where she received her Bachelor’s degree. She joined our office with over 3 years of accounting and financial experience. Aubrey and her husband are newlyweds and the proud parents to one fur kitty. Fun fact about her: Aubrey is a self admitted yoga addict. 



Briteny serves as our Administrative Assistant of Pre-Construction Sales. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of West Florida. She joined our team with over 5 years of customer service experience, along with professional writing and innovative networking knowledge. Briteny and her husband are currently building a farmhouse here in Tennessee. Fun fact about her: Briteny has traveled to 30 of the 50 U.S. States and 3 overseas countries.



Brittany is our Marketing Director. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland University College while living abroad. She brings creativity and innovation to the entire organization, as well as over 6 years of Marketing and Public Relations experience. Brittany and her husband share 3 kids and one lazy bulldog. Fun fact about her: Brittany will not eat cheese. 



Jennifer is our talented Project Engineer. She attended Tennessee Tech University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Her professional background includes over 10 years of experience in a variety of Structural Design and Project Engineering roles. Jennifer and her husband are the proud parents of two active, baseball loving boys. Fun fact about her: Jennifer is quite famous for her homemade bourbon pudding.



Morgan is the newest face to the Crabbe Homes team. She joins us as the Warranty Coordinator. She currently attends Austin Peay State University working towards obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management. She offers substantial experience in customer service to our office. Morgan and her husband are the doting parents to a 1 year old little boy. Fun fact about her: Morgan enjoys blogging in her spare time. 

Ready, Set, Decorate!


Decorating the interior of your home is more than just throwing together some furniture, fixing up some lights, and painting the walls in a neat shade of ivory. Today, with designing becoming an art form unto itself, each room in your house can be made to reflect a different mood or a different part of your life, your personality, or your interests. Interior designers are outdoing one another with each project they take up; but you can do a lot for yourself without hiring a specialist.

You may have wondered about giving a new twist to the rooms in your home; and if you’re interested in knowing more, here’s a few tips to tell you a little bit about picking a theme to decorate a single room, and about choosing the various aspects of a room, like the wallpaper, paint, lighting, and furniture to go with that theme.

The paint for your walls

When you’re thinking of a theme for a room, the walls are one of the most important aspects to focus on, because they literally make up most of the room. They are everywhere you look; they’re the canvas for your creativity. The key to using your walls well is to avoid using a lot of designs on the walls and instead, to keep it as simple and plain as possible, so you can emphasize the theme with other furnishing and props.

The wallpaper

The base color of your wallpaper needs to reflect the core color of the theme you’ve chosen. For instance, if you’re doing an ocean-themed room, the obvious choice would be a cool shade of blue. Or if you’re going for a desert, exotic theme, you could pick golden brown. Ultimately, wallpapers work best for simpler themes like a floral concept or a literary theme, because these are ideas that can be expressed through color and texture alone.


When it comes to lighting, you only have a few options. Think of this as an advantage, because you can make your decisions faster, and keep focused on one theme, instead of confusing the esthetic of the room. Warmer themes work best with some warm yellow lights. Conversely, cooler themes go hand-in-hand with cool white lighting. How you choose to place your lights (whether on the ceiling, or on the floors, or as uplighters on the walls) is another thing that the theme will influence.

The furniture and furnishings

This might be the most interesting part of putting together a themed room. Before you decide the furniture for your room, you need to consider all the details about the pieces, right from their material to what you will use them for, as well as appearance. And if you’re looking for some new furniture to fit in with an existing theme, you might want to look at some pieces that complement the theme you’ve chosen, or taking a different tack and using furniture that contrasts against the rest of your theme.

Ultimately, the thing to remember is that each element in your themed room needs to work together with the rest of the space. A couple of anomalies can actually work as creative choices though, as long as they don’t jar against the central concept. Have fun choosing – the creativity of making the theme is a huge part of the fun!

Why Choose New Construction?

All the hit series on HGTV like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers make home renovations seem like a lot of fun and fairly easy, but the reality of renovations is not like what you see in a thirty minute segment.  So instead of buying a home that was built for another family, why not let us help design a home    that is specifically built for your own?  Here are a few reasons to consider new home construction.

  1.  Customize your dream home your way.  Don’t settle for someone else’s choices.  When you build new you get to design your home, you get to pick the finishes, from what color carpet to what style of cabinetry, to having a spa shower or a large tub in your master bathroom, all of these decisions will be made up front by you.
  2. Choose a home design that meets your needs.  Master on the first floor, large walk-in closets in all bedrooms, windows in closets to bring in natural light, high ceilings, spa showers, fireplaces in the master, all of your dreams can come true when you build your home your way.
  3. All new and under warranty.  A new home is full of components that feature the latest designs and building materials.  The new materials should offer years of comfort before they need to be replaced.